Commencing January 2023

JL Group will operate a mobile service to the print and packaging industry by delivering market leading innovative laser technology from Laserclean.

The Anilox roller is the heart of the printing process and a clean roller is essential. However, Anilox rollers get clocked with ink, residues and polymers. Therefore, cell volume becomes too low and surface tension reduced. Especially higher screen count rollers and new inks (e.g. water based) demand better cleaning. High quality printing usually requires rollers with a high number of dots per line and a low ink volume. However, these cells are very small and therefore tend to fill. Compounding the problem, modern inks possess a high concentration of pigments which quickly adhere to the ceramic surface and make cleaning increasingly difficult.

There is two types of cleaning; daily cleaning and the more intensive, periodic or deep cleaning. The traditional
(e.g. chemical) way of periodic cleaning often doesn’t guarantee a 100% clean roller, even if it appears clean. Laser cleaning is the only method that produces a truly excellent cleaning result.

In corrugated and offset printing periodic cleaning with laser, prevents quality problems while printing. In label and flexo printing laser cleaning can be used for daily cleaning, hereby entirely replacing the need for chemical, manual and periodic cleaning.

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