Who is this programe for?

For individuals who want to perform at their highest level, without comprising their wellbeing.

For leaders who want to inspire their teams and colleagues to realise their highest potential without
stress and anxiety.

For businesses who want to create cultures where their teams flourish, rise to the occasion and outperform
their expectations.

How will it work?
Our grounding programes are a great way for people to get started with the 3 principles. These take the form
of eight (2 hrs) workshops for small groups, organised weekly or bi-weekly, each workshop exploring a different aspect of Naturally High Performance :

  • The universal intelligence of the human mind
  • The Foundations
  • The Mechanics of the 3 principles
  • The Mechanics as a Lived Experience
  • Insight
  • The nature of thought and the power of inside out
  • Ego, habits and relationships/connection
  • Implications

Within each workshop we explore both the big picture and the implications of each of the topics, which will inevitably touch on team dynamics, problem solving, strategic thinking, dealing with stress and delivering ambitious targets.

The workshops are interactive and encourage personal reflection and small group discussions.


Each participant to complete a pre-course questionnaire and short ‘intake’ conversation with a member of the Alive, Aware, Awake team before the first workshop. Workshops will take place on Zoom and attendees will be required to attend using video. We recommend blocking at least 20 minutes before and after each session for maximum impact. Course materials will be issued beforehand.

What’s in it for me?

We know the potential of this exploration is enormous and impacts people beyond their expectation, the below should give you a feel of the kind of things that people have experienced as a result of the programe. A chance to pause, settle down and think clearly Higher performance, faster results and clearer
interactions. Deeper connection with others at work and home. Easier and freer relationships, More access to insights, ideas and fresh thinking Solutions to old and new problems, More mental bandwidth, Access to common sense and less stress and anxiety

Time – 2 x 30 minute 121 calls + 8 x 90 minute workshops
Factor in time to reflect before and after workshops
Minimum group size of 8