Sales Executive

Job role :

A Sales Executive in the printing industry plays a crucial role in driving business growth and revenue by effectively promoting and selling printing services and products to clients. This role involves a combination of sales skills, product knowledge, customer relationship management, and industry awareness.

Key Responsibilities:

Prospecting and Lead Generation: Identifying potential clients and generating leads through various channels, such as networking, cold calling, referrals, and digital marketing efforts.

Client Consultation: Understanding clients' printing needs, discussing their requirements, and suggesting appropriate printing solutions that align with their goals and budget.

Product Knowledge: Developing a deep understanding of the printing industry, including different printing techniques (offset, digital, large format, etc.), materials, finishes, and emerging trends. This knowledge helps in providing accurate information to clients and suggesting the best options.

Quoting and Proposal Creation: Creating detailed and accurate quotes for clients, including pricing, project timelines, and specifications. Crafting professional proposals that highlight the benefits of the offered solutions.

Negotiation: Engaging in negotiations with clients to reach mutually beneficial agreements that meet their needs while ensuring profitability for the company.

Client Relationship Management: Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients by providing excellent customer service, addressing concerns, and staying engaged throughout the printing process.

Order Management: Coordinating with the production team to ensure that client orders are executed accurately and delivered on time. Keeping clients informed about the status of their projects.

Market Research: Staying updated on industry trends, competitors, and market developments to identify new opportunities and maintain a competitive edge.

Sales Targets: Working towards achieving or exceeding sales targets and contributing to the company's revenue growth.

CRM Usage: Utilizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to track leads, manage customer interactions, and monitor sales performance.

Only from printing and packaging industry will be shortlisted.

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